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15 December 2017
Frequently Asked Questions
The following questions are frequently asked through the Help & Support system, and in most cases can be solved by one of the solutions listed below.

Q: Forgotten your login details?
Click here to retrieve them.
Q: When I start the training and click on ‘Begin Training’, the material does not load - all I can see are the controls at the bottom of the screen. What do I do now?
Please click here for instructions on how to rectify this.
Q: The section I have completed will not let me carry on with my training; it seems to be stuck on the last page, so I am unable to proceed. What can I do?
In Virtual College courses, when you log back in to your training and load the section which will not complete, you will see that there is a ‘Jump to Page’ option which is in the bottom left hand corner. When you select ‘Jump to Page’ you will see which pages are showing as not completed (amber coloured). Please click on this page to read through the material. This will bookmark the page once you have moved to the next page or ended the session.
Q: How do I print my certificate?
If a learner printed certificate is available for the course and your employer/organisation has requested learner printing, you will be able to print your certificate once you have completed all of the activities (including the training material, passing the test and completing the evaluation if there is one). To print your certificate, simply log in to your training record in the usual way, then click on the completed learning tab. There you will see an icon of a printer (next to the blue circle with a yellow arrow inside it). Click on the icon of the printer, and you will then be able to print your certificate.
Q: I completed the module, but it hasn’t recorded that I have completed all of it. What has happened?
There are potentially a few reasons why this could happen:

For security reasons, our LMS is set to time out if there is no activity within 20 minutes. The LMS will first display a time-out warning; and then, if no action taken, it will have logged you out. If you had already launched a module, which launches in a new window, it may have obscured the time out warning. Unfortunately, you will need to log back into the LMS and click through the pages in order for the LMS to record your progress. You will be able to identify the sections that need completing as they will still show as amber instead of green on your learner record. We are very sorry if this has caused you any inconvenience, but it is necessary from a security perspective.

You may have jumped to the next page before letting the previous one load all of the content. In order for the system to recognise your progress, you will need to make sure you have completed all interactivity on the page before progressing to the next page.

You may have closed your browser instead of clicking the ‘Save and exit’ button on your training.
Q. My course will not run on my iPad, why?
Many interactive courses are developed in Flash, iPads do not support Flash automatically, so you will need to download a mobile browser. Downloading a mobile browser will enable not only enable our Flash course to run, but also other Flash driven content you are attempting to run on your iPad.
There are various browsers you can download – one we have used is the free Puffin Web Browser

It’s quite simple to download, just click on the link below and follow the instructions on screen. But please note: This browser is free from 6am to 6pm – as the data centre is US based this is a restriction they put on the free version.

The full un-restricted Puffin Web Browser, costs $3.99 to download. To buy, click on the link below.

Appeals Procedure
If during any aspect of a learner/candidate’s contact with Virtual College, they feel that they have not been fairly treated (either through a decision made or general wellbeing) we would ask that you follow the company appeals procedure as outlined in the document that can be found here (DOC)

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